This term applies to the sale of print products and related services to consumers. The condition, which is confirmed by confirmation of purchase, is the basis of the transaction. These consumer purchases are covered by the Consumer Purchase Act, the Contract Negotiation Act, the Electronic Commerce and Other Electronic Services Act, the Law on Legal Affairs and the Privacy Policy and the Processing of Personal Information. The customer is authorized under Act no. 46/2000 on entry and teleshopping contracts to return the product within 14 days and receive a refund without stating any reason given that the product is in the original packaging.

Following is the Seller, Hello Goodbye ehf. (, Sóltún 24, Reykjavík, social security number 630217-0400, value-added tax number 127507. Hello Goodbye ehf. is registered in the Icelandic Companies Register. The buyer is the person who is a registered buyer on an account. The buyer must be at least 16 years of age to shop on

Order is binding when it is registered on the seller’s server. This occurs when the buyer has confirmed the order in step 3. The seller is also bound to process the buyer’s order as long as it is in accordance with the product selection and pricing. All orders suspected of tablet failure and/or software malfunction are revoked. The buyer has the right to cancel the purchase in accordance with the Consumer Purchase Act, see further in Article 11.

The seller sends the buyer confirmation when the order is registered, however only if the buyer has registered his email address with the purchase. The buyer is advised to carefully examine the order confirmation when it arrives. It should also be checked that it is in accordance with the proposed order. Deviations from order and order confirmation must be interpreted as a new offer from the seller that can be rejected or rejected. The buyer also has the right to hold the original order as long as it is in accordance with the seller’s offer.

Seller provides information on products to the best of our knowledge at any time. The seller displays all information subject to errors, viruses, printing, display and typing errors in text, prices and images. Furthermore, the seller reserves the right to cancel in whole or in part the order of the buyer if the product is sold. Under these circumstances, the buyer will be notified along with information about what might be suitable instead. The buyer will then have the opportunity to accept the proposal or cancel the entire order.

Prices are constantly changing at the seller due to competition and price changes of suppliers. Price increases that occur after a customer’s order are non-refundable. The price is valid which was valid at the time of ordering and appears on the booking confirmation. The total cost is stated before the buyer finally confirms the order. All the costs of an order are stated. service, shipment, etc. Only special cases can incur additional costs after order confirmation. For example, errors, viruses, printing, display and typing errors in text, prices and images.

Payment can be made by credit card. When paying with a credit card, the amount is debited when the order is processed by the stock. If payment is not received, the seller reserves the right to cancel the order.

Delivery is considered to be within the normal time limit from the date of issue. It is stated in the purchase process what to expect based on the selected shipping route. If delivery is delayed, the seller will notify the buyer along with details of when the order will be ready for delivery or offer replacement goods if the product is sold.  Any damage to the goods of the carrier is at their own risk and fully compensated by the customer. Damage after delivery of a product is the responsibility of the buyer. If a home delivery product proves to be ineffective, new delivery time can be requested depending on the carrier. If delivery is unsuccessful for the second time, a product is stored until it is retrieved. Shelf life is for 2 weeks and after that, the seller reserves the right to cancel the purchase. If circumstances require the product to be stored, a monthly storage charge of about 5% of the amount of the product is required.

After the buyer receives the order, he must check whether it is in accordance with the order confirmation, if something has been damaged in the transport and that all products are in accordance with the product description and defective. These terms assume that the buyer has read and familiarized themselves with the instructions and / or manual accompanying the purchased product upon delivery. The Customer’s normal observation time is considered to be within 30 days. After 30 days, the seller reserves the right to verify the buyer’s statement within reasonable time limits before resolving the buyer’s complaint. In most cases, this involves an examination by a qualified service provider.

If the product is defective or something is missing from the product, the seller is obliged to offer the buyer a repair, new product, discount or withdrawal of purchase. Depending on the circumstances, which route is chosen at any given time. Report to [email protected] as soon as you receive the damaged product. Send a picture or video, and explain the circumstances undergoing.  It is recommended that the notification be received within 10 days of the defect being detected. Due to registration validity, it is recommended that the buyer send an email about the defect and keep a copy. The seller sends back confirmation of receipt of the email. The right to complain is 1 year, however, only for products with an approved average life beyond 2 years. The seller reserves the right to verify that the product is defective, however within reasonable time limits.


All personal information about the buyer regarding the use of will be treated in accordance with the laws and regulations governing the processing of personal information as it is at any given time.

However, is authorized to use the following information for market research, which is likely to lead to better services for buyers. Furthermore, the seller reserves the right to use this information with its partners for the purpose of improving and offering a wider range of services. However, the information will never be sold or given to a third party.

The buyer has the right to see the information that has about him/her. If the buyer has something to put on them, he has the right to have them corrected or erased at no cost.

E-mail attachment as Poster Market the sender may contain confidential information intended only to the person to whom it is addressed. Anyone who, by accident, error or unauthorized person, receives the e-mail shall comply with the second paragraph. Article 44 of Act No. 107/1999 on Telecommunications, and maintain the utmost confidentiality and immediately notify the sender that the information was incorrectly received.

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