Terms & Conditions for ArtistsPostermarket.is



All the personal information that you provide to Hello Goodbye ehf. (postermarket.is) will be safe and treated following the laws and regulations governing the processing of personal information as it is at any given time. However, PosterMarket.is is authorized to use the following information for market research, which is likely to lead to better services for buyers of your product. Furthermore, the seller reserves the right to use this information with its partners for the purpose of improving and offering a wider range of services. However, the information will never be sold or given to a third party.

The information as an artist provided when signing up for Postermarket.is will only be managed and used by Postermarket. This includes payment information for invoices, VAT number, registration date, addresses, e-mail, and phone numbers. This information is only to provide you with good service. Other information will be shown on the website publicly as an artist name/username, biography, country/hometown, social media profiles if provided by the artist, and the artwork that will be sold on our website. 

The artist has the right to ask for complete or part deletion of any information at no cost. Please contact us at hello@postermarket.is if you need any help with your account, payments, or any other solution. 



By using Postermarket.is (website and services), creating an artist account, and uploading your artwork to the site, you agree to our Terms & Conditions. Suspension from Postermarket.is is a fact if we see:

  • Copyright steals from someone else’s designs, photographs, logos, likeness, or names. 
  • Infringe of copyright, trademarks, right of publicity or intellectual property rights.
  • Content or designs that are indecent, vulgar, abusive, racist, misleading, or violate any applicable law.
  • The use of social media accounts to harras, spam, or threat other artists.
  • Any other unauthorized use of Postermarket.is



With every purchase of your work, you will earn 70% of the profit, and with time, we will aim to make it even much more. The payments are made 30 days after the order has been placed. You will need to provide us with your PayPal account or IBAN/BIC number for transfers, full name, and ID.



Please first fill in the following form and we will contact you as soon as possible after we evaluate your profile. You will receive a confirmation e-mail. After everything is set up, we will start setting up your artist page and adding your products.



We will receive all your artworks on .pdf format for printing and .jpg for online view. If you sign up to be an artist on Postermarket.is, we expect the total capability from your side to send your files in the specific sizes and formats to be printed right away. Our team will go over some of them, but hopefully, we can count on your files to be ready-to-print. If an order is placed and the printing file is wrong, we will discount 80% of the cost of production from your paycheck. If you need help with this, contact our team. We will gladly give you a hand.



Postermarket.is is an online platform that supports art and creativity in every way. We want our artists to be recognized for their work and sell all their products through our website. But we need your help too! Start sharing your work on your social media platforms, with your family and friends, and everyone in your community, and connect it to Postermarket.is. Let people know about Poster Market and your creative work! And let’s build this together. 



By being part of the Postermarket community as an artist, you accept and give us permission to use and include your products in sales and promotions. Your earnings will still be the same percentage of the total profit.